With Cowork at Ferris Wheel, businesses and startups alike can make use of a solitary desk or a comprehensive headquarters. Their business hospitality services land coworkers in the middle of some of the brightest doers in the USA, with access to conference rooms, office space, phones, wifi and printers night and day. Not to mention the brains and energy in the entrepreneurial and coworking ecosystem around them.

The Flint Ferris Wheel/100K Ideas is the leader for innovation in the world.

100K is Housed in the Ferris Wheel, we are a non-profit with a mission to relieve the innovator of the entrepreneurial burden. We know entrepreneurship can be difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help. As a community of student professionals, lead by a dynamic leadership team, we vet entrepreneurial ideas to provide a helping hand in business development to anyone regardless of their prior experience or background.

We are meeting at the park & ride on US-127 at the Berry Rd exit (north of Jackson) at 5:00. We are leaving 5:30. If you need a ride or can drive please email John Hopkins or call ASAP. John can take 3 in his car. Also, if you live near Ann Arbor, Frank & Arthur are carpooling from there, using US-23. We need to know if you are going so you must RSVP by phone or email.

2019 Membership dues are due $45.00 keeps you in know of one of the most significant inventor groups in the country! Your dues help us cover the minimal costs to keep this group going and services for you.

Meeting Agenda                                                  Location

5:30 p.m. – Leaving Park & Ride                       Flint Ferris Wheel

7:00-8:00 p.m. – Program @ FerrisWheel Flint  615 S Saginaw St

8:30-8:30 p.m. – Networking                             Flint, MI 48502

Directions: http://www.ferriswheelflint.com/en/about

Go to their website there is a map or GPS their address

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