Michigan Inventors Coalition

Mark your calendar for the second-annual Michigan Inventors Coalition (MIC) Inventors Expo Sept. 4, at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing, Mich. Activities will include speakers, break-out sessions, shark tanks, networking, venture capitalist,s and much more. For more information on applying to attend, follow this link.

To register, click here. To apply as an inventor, click here. If you offer professional services to inventors, click here.

This Expo is in one of the most central locations in the state, for inventors by inventor groups. Did you know there are now 11 inventor groups in the state of Michigan with four more beginning to form. You can have a rare opportunity to have access to inventors, other inventor support, investors, economic development groups, and every type of organization inventors need. Join the other business and inventors presenting at tables in our Gadget Pageant -Business Showcase room with 40 to 60 tables of like presenters.

For more info, download the documents below:


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