Brendan Beer

Brendon Beer

Brendon Beer, a Jackson, Mich., attorney and partner in the law firm of Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin & Beer, PLC,  will speek on Business Structure $ Legal Issues at April 23rd meeting of the Jackson Inventors Network. His legal practice is focused in the areas of business, corporate, contract, labor and employment and real estate law.  A large portion of his practice is devoted to litigation related to these areas of the law.  He is a graduate of Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business and Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  He is a frequent speaker with respect to the impact of labor and employment laws and their impact on small and medium size businesses.  Within his practice, Beer routinely assists individuals in choosing the appropriate corporate form for their business start-up.

Testimonial: Al McGilvra of McGilvra Engineering will tell us why he requires inventors bringing a project to his firm to be more prepared. This will look at a trenches story from the other side.

6:00-6:30         Registration

6:30-7:30         Program

7:30-8:30         Networking

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